DeGarmo & Key - No Turning Back Live (Vinyl) Double Vinyl



  • Multiple Copies for sale
  • Contains Original Inner Sleeves
  • For fans of: Petra, Whiteheart, Randy Stonehill, Sweet Comfort Band, Resurrection Band, Rick Cua
  • Released: 1982
  • Format: Double LP
  • Label: Lamb & Lion Records

    No Turning Back is Degarmo and Key's 1982 live album and is at the top of their most popular releases because of the major advertising and push back in 1982.  The double live album included all the band's hits from their first 3 albums, THIS TIME THRU, STRAIGHT ON, and THIS AIN'T HOLLYWOOD. It is one of the more sought after albums from the band.  Songs like Stella, This Ain't Hollywood, Wayfairing Stranger were even better live than the studio recordings.  This is a bit rare as usually live albums sound worse.  We have multiple copies for sale all with original sleeves


    SIDE A: "Light of the World", "Go Tell Them", "Stella, This Ain't Hollywood", "When He Comes Back", "Jericho",

    SIDE B: "Alleyways of Strife", "Mary", "Wayfaring Stranger", "Bass Solo", "Enchiridion", "Long Distance Runner", "Matter of Time"

    SIDE C: "Emmanuel", "Oklahoma Blues", "Preacher (I'll Need a Friend)",

    SIDE D: "Over and Over", "Let Him Help You Today", "Love One Another", "I Have Decided"

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