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Still in the original shrink wrap, this BARNABAS – HEAR THE LIGHT vinyl is an original pressing on Light Records division of Lexicon. LS5839. For those completest out there, there was an earlier released in 1980 on Tunesmith out of Canada.

CONDITION: Sleeve is VG++ Record is NM. The plastic is still on this sleeve/jacket however it has been ripped some. We’ve left it in tact to preserve the other 90% of the vinyl sleeve that’s still covered. There is about a 1” seam split on the top right.

This record has been professionally cleaned and been placed in a premium rice paper anti static master inner sleeve that is thicker than standard record sleeves. The jacket and record have been placed in a 3 Mil polyethylene sleeve and is thicker than standard record covers providing the durability and protective longevity.

Barnabas was a Christian hard rock band that was active from 1977 through 1987. The name of the band was in honor of the New Testament disciple Barnabas. Originating out of the Jesus movement of the 1970s, they are considered one of the pioneers of Christian hard rock and heavy metal, along with Agape, Daniel Band, Jerusalem, and Resurrection Band. Barnabas recorded five studio albums and played a relatively small number of concerts. Throughout their career, the band suffered from attacks by prominent Christian lecturers, which ultimately contributed to their break-up in 1986.


A1 Saviour 3:02

A2 There's A New World Coming 2:35

A3 Directory Assistance 3:55

A4 Little Faith 2:54

A5 He Loves You 3:20

B1 B.C.2:22

B2 Playin' For Him 3:33

B3 No More Blues 7:28

B4 Father Of Lies (A Song About The Other Guy) 2:30

B5 It's Up To You 3:00


When Barnabas embarked on their musical journey with the now critically acclaimed debut release, Hear the Light (1980), there were few bands doing anything like them in the faith community. There was Resurrection Band in Chicago, Bill Mason Band and Ishmael United in the UK, and Andy McCarroll & Moral Support in Ireland. When Hear The Light came out in 1980, it was truly unique punk-esque with a Christian identity. Barnabas, in their early formation, had guitarist Monte Cooley, who could write fast numbers with infectious distortion like no other. What placed Barnabas on top of the rock pile were Nancy Jo Mann?s soaring vocals, backed by a beefy and intricate rhythm section. Songs such as Savior, Directory Assistance, B.C., and Playin? For Him are reckless and melodic, trademarks of the first album. Hear the Light started it all for a band that would go on to have an immeasurable impact on Christian rock and metal.

Must-have for fans of Agape, Resurrection Band, Daniel Band, Motorhead, and Jerusalem!



There's A New World Coming

Directory Assistance

Little Faith

He Loves You


Playin' For Him

No More Blues

Father Of Lies (A Song About The Other Guy)

It's Up To You

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