There are only 9 of these autographed!!! They were autographed by J.T. TAYLOR.  They are new (just opened!) original pressings of the 1986 Bloodgood debut album and come with the original vinyl record and 2-sided printed lyric insert.  The covers vary in condition as one or two have a corner bends, but J.T. just opened them earlier today (Mar. 26th, 2021) to sign them so they are are untouched mint condition vinyl and super high glossy front factory fresh covers.  Some of the jackets are in better shape than the others as some have corner bends and a few with seam splits. Some of the vinyl is not flat and may come a bit warped.  These are for displaying not playing. 

Perfect for framing and showing off on-line.  Bloodgood had 4 drummers.  J.T. TAYLOR was the first drummer and was originally in Crystal City Rockers with David Zaffiro. 

So Why Are These So Special? 

J.T. Taylor left Bloodgood in early 1986 after this album was recorded but before they hit the road in support of the album. So there would have never been a chance to get his (J.T. Taylor) autograph until now, which he verified when he signed these.  This are very special and became a collectors dream the moment he signed them. 

We have the following 

  • One (1)flawless with still 1/2 the shrink on the top
  • Two (2) in Near Mint Condition with just slight barely noticeable creasing
  • Three (3) in VG++ to Near Mint with just a small top right corner bend
  • Three (3) in VG condition with larger corner bends, two with small seam split on spine.

All of them are still new with inserts and flawless untouched vinyl.


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