Bloodgood - Detonation (Vinyl) 1987 FRONTLINE RECORDS ORIGINAL PRESSING

  • Christian Rock
  • Original Pressing
  • 1987 Frontline Records
  • For fans of: Barren Cross, Whitecross, Deliverance, Bride, Guardian, Stryper, Resurrection Band, Saint, Tourniquet, Seventh Avenue, Petra

1987 Frontline Records. New and factory sealed vinyl LP record. Many herald this to be their best work and one of the top 20 best Christian Rock albums of all time. Bloodgood has contributed greatly to the world of Christian Metal music; without them, stepping stones for the world of Christian Metal wouldn't have been built.


1. Battle of the Flesh
2. Vagrant People
3. Self-Destruction
4. Alone in Suicide
5. Heartbeat (Of the City)
6. Eat the Flesh
7. Holy Fire
8. Crucify
9. The Messiah
10. Live Wire

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I just want to say that it was a great experience to get this vinyl, I never thought about getting a sealed copy in perfect condition from Bloodgood, the article arrived in excellent shape. Thanks Greg for keeping these masterpieces alive. GBY

Customer Reviews

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