Bloodgood - Metal Missionaries Demo + 3 Bonus Tracks (LIMITED RUN VINYL) 45rpm FIRST TIME ON VINYL




  • Only 200 Made!!!!
  • First Time on Vinyl
  • 45rpm
  • Original 4 Song Demo + 3 Bonus Tracks
  • Includes Awake Alternate Mix
  • Includes Black Snake Original Unedited Version Pre-Mix
  • Legends of Rock™


First Time on Vinyl. Bloodgood's Metal Missionaries contains all four original demo recording plus includes 3 bonus tracks AWAKE extended mix, BLACK SNAKE original unedited pre-mixed version and an early version/mix of Man in the Middle from their newest record Dangerously Close.  This vinyl is pressed at 45 rpm for optimal quality and sound, mastered for vinyl.

Prior to their now legendary debut, the band had recorded and released in 1985 a four-song cassette demo tape, Metal Missionaries, which gave the world its first glimpse into the power of this band’s music and ministry. Selling over 5000 copies at concerts, this demo tape proved that this was a band that was here to stay as they lived up to their designation as metal missionaries.

This special Limited Run Vinyl (45rpm) features exciting bonus tracks, that include an alternate mix of “Awake,” that includes some background humor on the track showing a rare glimpse into another side of the band, and the original unedited pre-mix version of “Black Snake,” as mentioned in the Bloodgood movie, Trenches of Rock. Also included  a demo version of “Man in the Middle,” from their comeback album, Dangerously Close, featuring Stryper’s Oz Fox, making this the definitive vinyl to own. This is your opportunity to savor a slice of metal history not to be missed!

Side A 
1. Awake! (Demo) 3:39
2. Accept The Lamb (Demo) 4:04
3. Anguish And Pain (Demo) 3:18
4. Battle Of The Flesh (Demo) 2:45

Side B
1. Black Snake (Original Unedited Version) 3:23
2. Awake! (Alternate Mix) 4:03
3. Man In The Middle (2010 Demo) 4:16


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Jeff McCormack
Finally Complete!

Having had the original cassette of this since not too long after it was released, it was a great feat to finally get a CD release of it in 2010 from the band. Content now? NO! In 2021, Girder music produced a very sweetly packaged CD reissue. Fully pro packaging, and amazing sound. Content? Heck no! Now we have reached the absolute pinnacle for this release with an absolutely beautiful vinyl edition.

About the music - it's a demo, which are notorious for being weak and low budget. Why press such low quality material to a CD, much less a vinyl, when all of the same songs are already re-recorded professionally on the band's first album? A) not a low quality demo. B) yes the main four songs were re-recorded professionally for the first album, these versions are just - superbly different. They're raw, energetic, and display a different range of power. Enough of a difference to make them a treat for the ears of those who have spent years with the first album.

Overall, it is cool to experience these tracks in these early renditions. And now, to experience it with the vinyl platform is just a new height of excitement. What could be better?

I'll tell you what could be better - add more tracks. BONUS TRACKS BABY - with side B including three more demo and alternate mix tracks. The musical nuances found here make them an interesting experience for sure. Add in a few different photos to this edition, set it at the higher quality speed of 45 RPM - AMAZINGLY DONE PRODUCT!!

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