Daniel Amos Alarma! (The Alarma Chronicles Vol.1) (*NEW - Vinyl Record, 1981, NewPax)

  • Alternative Rock
  • 1981 Stunt
  • For fans of:The Eagles, Swirling Eddies, Terry Scott Taylor, Lost Dogs, The Choir
  • Gatefold Vinyl Record

Alarma!Ì is the fourth studio album by Christian rock band Daniel Amos, issued on Newpax Records in April 1981. It is the first album in their Alarma! Chronicles series and one of the earliest records in the Christian alternative rock genre.

Alarma!, released weeks after the band's the Beatles and The Beach Boys-influenced Horrendous Disc, took a decidedly new waveÌ direction along the lines of Elvis Costello or Talking Heads.

Lyrically, the album contains social commentary so harsh that CCM described it as "perhaps the most scathing ever put out by a Christian label." Alarma! was the first of a four-part series of albums by DA entitled The Alarma! Chronicles, which also included the albums Doppelganger, Vox Humana, and Fearful Symmetry.


1. Central Theme
2. Alarma
3. Big Deal
4. Props
5. My Room
6. Faces to the Window
7. Cloak and Dagger
8. Colored By
9. C & D Reprise
10. Thru the Speakers
11. Hit Them
12. Baby Game
13. Shedding the Mortal Coil
14. Endless Summer
15. Walls of Doubt
16. Ghost of the Heart

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r. johnson
like a back in time

was so great finding this version and as like going back to 80s in high school remembering these sounds coming out.

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