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1. Hollow Man

2. Mall (All Over the World)

3. Real Girls

4. New Car!

5. Do Big Boys Cry

6. Youth with a Machine

7. The Double

8. Distance and Direction

9. Memory Lane

10. Angels Tuck You In

11. Little Crosses

12. Autographs for the Sick

13. I Didn?t Build It For Me

14. Here I Am

15. Hollow Man (Reprise)


1. Hollow Man [Alt.]

2. Mall (All Over the World) [Alternate Take]

3. Concert Intro

4. Real Girls [Live]

5. New Car! [Live]

6. Do Big Boys Cry [Instr.]

7. Youth with a Machine [Toy Mix]

8. The Double [Ext. Rough]

9. Distance and Direction [Alt.]

10. Distance and Direction [Vocal Mix]

11. Memory Lane [Live]

12. Angels Tuck You In [Rough]

13. Little Crosses [Fragment]

14. Autographs for the Sick [Alt.]

15. I Didn?t Build It For Me [Alt.]

16. Here I Am [Instr.]

17. Hollow Man (Reprise) [Alt.]


The most creative artists of alternative ccm are often consigned to the gospel market ghetto, while in actuality making artistic statements that perceive popular trends before their time. The great genius of pop music most hurt by this injustice is Terry Taylor of DA, and the strongest support for this argument can be found on the band's great classic album, Doppelganger.

Taylor's brilliant satire of popular culture "Mall" the radio station in St Paul, MN began giving significant support to an enjoyable, but lesser song with almost the exact lyrics and ideas, "Escalator of Life," right down to the mannequin imagery.

Taylor's brilliant attacks on televangelists in "I Didn't Build it For Me" and "New Car" predate the Swaggart/Bakker and more recent Robert Tilton fiascos. Elsewhere, as in "Here I Am," "Youth With A Machine" and "Autographs for the Sick," DA predates ideas that have made others a heap of money in pursuit of MTV fame & teenage superstardom.

This is the record that was amazingly ahead of its time. This is the DA record that could have catapulted them into mainstream success if anybody had invested enough money into their career. This is the record you should buy immediately. No serious alternative music fan, Christian or otherwise, should miss this record. After nearly three decades it sounds no worse for the wear.

In partnership, Stunt Records and Born Twice Records offer the Two-Disc Collector?s Edition of Doppelganger by Daniel Amos. Disc one presents the album as you remember it, with remastered sonic clarity you may not have experienced before. Disc two gives you era-adjacent live versions, demos, and DA-oriented ephemera, letting the listener into the process of how this remarkable album was made and how it was received. Both discs have been remastered by the best in the business - J Powell at Steinhaus who carefully accentuates the original magic of this classic release. Comes in a 6-Panel Digipak with a 24-page booklet. (This write up is edited from Brian Quincy Newcomb's review for Harvest Rock Syndicate - Thanks Brian!!!)

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randy johnson
cd hiccup issues does happens

was so nice to finish the ALARMA CHRONICLES i have. the bad of this have had play both cds in this. but, this is my third new copy have in the past days and again has freeze / skip in play this version or not play in both cds. do know they make many cd copies in one time and know sometimes cd hiccup issues this does happen in the machines. some day will search more pick up a new copy or have fix the issues in the batch have made on this one. have been so very happy in many others cds to vinyls from you guys in the past days and no issues at all here. just keep up the great work there.

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