DELIVERANCE - HEAR WHAT I SAY! !BENT CORNER! (Retroarchives Edition) (*NEW-VINYL, 2019)

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  • New sealed Vinyl 

Make no mistake, Hear What I Say is 100% METAL!  In fact, the 2013 Deliverance release is a nice hybrid of the styles that have characterized the band’s two decades of existence. Jimmy is accompanied by axeman extraordinaire Michael Phillips, his faithful bassist Manny Morales and none other than Jayson Sherlock of Mortification and Horde fame pounding out the drum rhythms. It is a great line-up and the high expectations that come with being an iconic metal band have been met, and then some! "The Annals of Subterfuge" and "Angst" will satisfy the fans of their early thrash era being a full-on heavy metal assault, but other tracks that could have easily been recorded on other “big D” albums. Leave it to Jimmy Brown to stay fresh and experimental without sacrificing the heaviness and all-out metal foundation of the mighty Deliverance sound. You get a Maiden cover "Where Eagles Dare" (which is very well done by the way) and a German version of "Detox," and for the 2019 Retroactive Records re-release you get an exclusive bonus track, “Spieluhr” which is a Rammstein cover. The re-release is packaged in a 4 panel jewel case, and is the same mastering as the original release, except for the bonus track. Deliverance was the first Christian extreme metal band to really enjoy success back in the day and the longevity they've enjoyed is a testament to both the quality and integrity of the music and the musicians who have participated in the band over all these years. Fortunately, we haven't heard the last of Jimmy P. Brown.

Track Listing: “Liber 111 (Intro)” (1:02), “The Annals Of Subterfuge” (4:42), “Angst” (4:08), “Hope Lies Beyond” (4:44), “Detox” (3:38), “Nude” (4:29), “Passing” (4:05, “A Perfect Sky” (5:05), “Where Eagles Dare” (6:02), “Entgiftung” (3:38) 

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