First Strike - Rock of Offense (Vinyl)

  • 1984 Exit Records
  • Original Inner Lyric sleeve included
  • Vinyl is in NM. Sleeve in VG cond.

This pre-owned record has been professionally cleaned and been placed in a premium rice paper anti static master inner sleeve that is thicker than standard record sleeves. The jacket and record have been placed in a 3 Mil polyethylene sleeve and is thicker than standard record covers providing the durability and protective longevity.


Before a big white-metal wave took Christian bookstore shelves across America by storm, First Strike was one of the pioneers. Musically they were just straight guitar rock, just a little bit heavier than radio rock bands like Foreigner or Petra. Just as their righteous rock contemporaries Barnabas and Daniel Band, they have a very bold soapbox preaching salvation message

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