Glad - No Less than All (Vinyl)

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1985 Milk and Honey Records
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"No Less Than All," GLAD's fourth release (1983), continued to propel GLAD's reputation as a tightly harmonizing group with a smooth jazz-pop sound to back them up. Fans will recognize tracks such as "Maker of My Heart" and "Born to be Broken," classic examples of GLAD's well-known, scripturally-based lyrics. This album also features the only recording of "Variations on a Hymn (That Hymn Thing)," GLAD's much-demanded concert shtick that traced the development of contemporary Christian music from Martin Luther to modern times. This version of "No Less Than All" was rereleased in 1997 by Light Records, along with other vintage GLAD material, such as "Captured in Time," "Live at the Kennedy Center," and "Champion of Love."

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