Legends of Rock Vol. 1 Sampler - FREE DOWNLOAD


Grab this  FREE Download of LEGENDS OF ROCK VOL. 1 Sampler and qualify for our 15x15. 

  1. This is the Day - MASTEDON (It's A Jungle Out There)
  2. Tears of a Broken Heart - THE BRAVE (Battle Cries)
  3. It's Your Decision - HALO (Heaven's Calling)
  4. Bang the Drum - FIGHTER (Bang the Drum)
  5. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus - MIKE LEE (Rock Power Praise)
  6. What's Your Point of View - IDLE CURE (Eclipse) 
  7. Without You - SHOUT (It Won't Be Long)
  8. Come Alive - IDLE CURE (Idle Cure 30th Anniversary Edition)
  9. Cover Me - ANGELICA (Rock, Stock, Barrel)
  10. Dome of the Rock - MAGDALLAN (Big Bang)
  11. Time and Time Again - ANGELICA (Walkin' In Faith)
  12. Look Me In the Eye - FIGHTER (The Waiting)
  13. Danger Zone - ANGELICA (Angelica)
  14. We Are the Children - NEON CROSS (Neon Cross)
  15. Pray - IDLE CURE (2nd Avenue)

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