Mad At The World - Mad At the World (Vinyl)


  • Dance/Techo Rock
  • 1987 Frontline Records
  • Vinyl Record

In 1987 the band, consisting of Roger Rose, his brother Randy (who was only fifteen years old at the time) and their friend Mike Pendleton, released Mad at the World. The disc was unique in christian music for featuring a synth-pop style of dance music heavily influenced by bands like Tears for Fears and especially Depeche Mode. This was at a time when the Christian music scene was dominated by Amy Grant and Stryper was breaking out. Roger's personal taste ran towards the sounds of Ultravox and Depeche Mode, a sound that no Christian band was playing at that time, prompting him to create the band and write the music. He attempted to "avoid church talk and cliche, (resulting) in some fresh, invigorating images." Although not the best-selling album by the band, it is fondly remembered by many fans.

Although Daniel Amos released Vox Humana in 1983, it featured a more up-beat sound, more guitar and more acoustic drums, so this disc stands as one of the first truly synthpop albums in Christian music.


Mad at the World was a Christian rock band active from 1987 to 1998 in Southern California. It originally consisted of brothers Roger and Randy Rose with Mike Pendleton, later joined by Brent Gordon. Pendleton and Gordon left the band in 1992 and were replaced by Mike Link and Ben Jacobs. The band produced seven studio albums, one compilation package and two double reissues of previous albums.

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