MARK HEARD - BEST OF MARK HEARD - ACOUSTIC (Vinyl Record, 1985, Home Sweet Home) *SEALED!

  • Factory Sealed, Vinyl
  • Original Pressing
  • 1985 Sweet Home Records

John Mark Heard was a folk rock singer, and songwriter. Heard released 16 albums, and produced and performed with many other artists as well, such as Sam Phillips (a.k.a. Leslie Phillips), Pierce Pettis, Phil Keaggy, Vigilantes of Love, Peter Buck ofí R.E.M. (who co-produced VOL's album Killing Floor with Heard), John Austin, The Choir, Randy Stonehillí and Michael Been of The Call. Heard produced part ofOlivia Newton-John's The Rumor which also included a cover of Heard's own "Big and Strong" (originally called "How to Grow Up Big and Strong").


  1. Family Name 4:05
  2. Eye Of The Storm 3:00
  3. Castaway 3:16
  4. In The Gaze Of The Spotlight's Eye 3:59
  5. Call Me The Fool 3:11
  6. To See Your Face 3:31
  7. I'm Crying Again 3:29
  8. Some Folks' World 4:32
  9. Can't See Light 4:56
  10. True Confessions 3:30
  11. Well-Worn Pages 2:44
  12. In Spite Of Himself 3:05

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