MASS - '84 UNCHAINED (2010, Retroactive)

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  • Packaging: CD / Jewel Case
  • Album Notes
  • Catalog Number: RAR7904
  • Label: Retroactive Records
  • UPC: 845121028188
  • Tracks: 5
  • Time: 21:49
  • Lyrics: Yes
  • Packaging: 6 page insert


After spending two years in court trying to free themselves from a bad management situation, MASS wrote four brand new songs and released their debut record on their own label, MASS Records in 1984. The self-titled EP was a big success, selling 10,000 units in the Boston area alone. The EP got the attention of major labels and eventually resulted in MASS signing with RCA in early 1985. The tracks ?Holy One? and ?Pedal to the Metal? would later see nationwide release via on 1988 Enigma Records release, Take You Home. However, the songs were remixed with vocal harmonies and completely redone guitars added for that release. This Retroactive Records EP release has the original raw energy that showcases these classic songs as they were originally intended. ?84 Unchained is the original 4 song self-titled EP with the addition of the previously unreleased bonus track, ?Bones!

?84 Unchained includes exclusive liner notes by MASS front man Louis St. August. The EP has been re-mastered from the original tapes by the legendary J Powell of Steinhaus. Releasing on the Iowa-based Christian record label, Retroactive Records, this classic EP + bonus track is available on CD for the first time ever! It has been retitled ?84 Unchained because the band was breaking free from the legal barriers that held them back for years. This special EP unleashed a heavy metal renegade band that went on to make history as hard music legends with RCA and Enigma Records for years to come! This classic metal rarity is as good as metal gets! For fans of Stryper, Bloodgood, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Barren Cross and Dio!

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