Perpetual Paranoia - The Reapers (CD) Dale Thompson BRIDE

  • Dale Thompson of BRIDE
  • 2018 Retroactive Records
  • RRCD1473
  • UPC: 637405138870
  • CD 6 Page insert with lyrics 

Perpetual Paranoia is Dale Thompson, best known as the frontman of legendary Christian metal band, Bride and The World Will Burn and the Brazilian, Tiago James de Souza, an extraordinary musician best known as the guitarist of Bay Area, California thrash metal band, Hand Of Fire! With Perpetual Paranoia the band is unleashing pure metal mayhem! The Reaper specializes in blunt force trauma that magically transforms brutality into catchy! This is ultra-creative, aggressive HEAVY METAL performed with both skill and precision. Dale’s vocals are more aggressive than anything he’s ever done, while never losing his signature sounds. Tiago is a guitarist’s guitarist - laying down tasty riffs and solos at an elite level. And, while many aggressive metal bands are simply cookie-cutter copy-cats, Perpetual Paranoia utilizes double-bass to hammer home an album filled with progressive, passionate moments that keep the listener on the edge of the seat with a growing anticipation that is ultimately fulfilled. The Reaper strikes a signature balance between light and dark, beauty and repulsion, as the album progresses forward into the unfamiliar and formidable. Not one dimensional at all, multi-layered soundscapes dominate every song. Expect tons of time changes. Every song is a journey of thrashy aggression and darkness. The Reapers will be on many people’s best of 2018 list, and yes, it’s that good! 

The Reapers
Whatever It Takes
I Say Jesus
Your Sin Will Find You
The Veil
The God Syndrome
Romance X
Holy Ghost
Let the Dead Bury the Dead
Ten Thousand Saints
Dream Before the Nightmare

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Cutting Edge Gospel Metal

This is a smoking release!!! A killer thrash almost progressive metal record. Absolutely amazing lyrics. A all star performance once again from Dale Thompson. Crazy music here. Has a style of metal not really heard before. It’s just a really great album

This leaves a trail of Destruction

Wow does this record smoke!!!
A complex sound of heavy thrash riffs and super start stop blast of guitar mastery. The sound is a thrashy metal with speedy guitar wizardry. Dale Thompson delivers with bitting vocals and a terrific message. Just love the opening spoken word. This is a must have

Customer Reviews

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