Randy Stonehill ‎– Born Twice BLACK AND BLUE - MISPRESSING w/ Judgment Day At Speedee Mart (Double Album)

Sold out
  • Black and Blue Vinyl Mispressing
  • One Way Records
  • JC 31252
  • Released January 1991

The black vinyl has side one of "Judgment Day At Speedee Mart" and side two of "Born Twice", the blue vinyl has side one of "Born Twice" and side two of "Judgment Day At Speedee Mart". 

"Judgment Day At Speedee Mart" is an otherwise unreleased album consisting entirely of live performances culled from several early 70's concerts. It was issued in normal "Born Twice" single-slip cover that opens at the right, with "Christmas Time" given in the song listing on the back cover (not "He's A Friend Of Mine"). 

The black vinyl is reportedly a mispressing. Larry Norman pressed the other sides of each album on blue vinyl and made the set available for a limited time through his Phydeaux mail-order catalog. 

Dead wax engravings: 
Side one of the black vinyl: "ONE WAY RECORDS R:S. - LIVE SIDE ONE RS 31252-A" with flower designs 
Side two of the black vinyl: "JC. 31252-B L-36938 X" 
Side one of the blue vinyl: "JC. 31252-1 L-36938" 
Side two of the blue vinyl: "RANDY STONEHILL RS 31252-B L 36938X" 

A1 Forget Your Hexagram
A2 Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?
A3 Lonely By Myself
A4 God's Not Dead
A5 I Am A Servant
B1 Never Can Repay
B2 All Right Now
B3 Passing Stranger
B4 I Love You
B5 Christmas Time
B6 Norman's Kitchen
C1 I Need You
C2 Hand In The Hand
C3 He's Got The Whole World
C4 Help Me Lord
C5 Thank You
D1 Norman's Kitchen
D2 Pardon Me
D3 Sunset Road To Nowhere
D4 Hasty Heart
D5 He's A Friend Of Mine

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