2014 Legacy Edition full color 4-panel digipak is completely remastered.

Sacrament was an intense East Coast Christian thrash metal band that pushed the boundaries of early death/thrash metal, not unlike Sacrifice or Death. The music is fast and furious leaning towards the more extreme European thrash sound, as opposed to the Bay Area style. Vocalist Mike Torone has a raw, coarse, throaty voice that adds to the overall extreme vibe of the music, though he never really dives into full on death metal growls. Despite the speed and intensity of the music, Sacrament does not forsake memorable songwriting. "Conquer Death," is a full-throttle thrasher with a manic vocal delivery, one sick high-pitched scream, and a bridge with a killer groove that gives way into a mid-paced lead break. Originally released in 1990 on R.E.X. Records, Testimony of Apocalypse became an instant favorite with thrash fans. Songs like "Slave To Sin" displayed beefy thrash guitars and classic thrash vocals used to create an abrasive wall of sonic power - all coming together to create some of the finest examples of Christian thrash metal anywhere!

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