SAINT - THE MARK (*NEW-CD) LAST COPY Rare and out of Print!

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---!!!LAST COPY!!!---

Would later go on to be remixed and repackaged as the Retroactive Records digipak release "The Revelation" but it was first released by the band on their own label as The Mark. This is the original mix, original artwork, etc. We were digging through the stacks and found one last batch! Get them while they last.

The Angelic Warlord had this to say about the album: "The Revelation/The Mark finds Saint in top classic metal form. Musically, the album picks up where Time?s End and Too Late For Living leave off or, more specifically, maintains the momentum gained from In The Battle."


1 The Spirit

2 The Vision

3 Ride To Kill

4 He Reigns

5 On And On

6 The 7th Trumpet

7 The Mark

8 Bowls Of Wrath

9 Babylon The Great

10 Reap The Flesh

11 Gog & Magog

12 Alpha & Omega

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