Shout - It Won't Be Long (Vinyl)

  • 80's Rock
  • 1988 Frontline Records ORIGINAL PRESSINGS
  • For fans of: Classic Metal, Huge Guitar

Track Listings

Never Stop (3:58)
Winners or Losers (3:42)
It Won't Be Long (4:21)
Find a Way (4:49)
Dancin' Round the World (3:13)
Shout (4:19)
Showdown (4:02)
Timeless Love (4:36)
Without You (3:42)

Band Members

Chuck King: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Ken Tamplin: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Lead Vocals
Loren Robinson: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Mark Hugonberger: Keyboards
Dennis Holt: Drums

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