Steve Scott - Emotional Tourist: A Steve Scott Retrospective (NEW-CD, 2012)

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  • 2012
  • CD
  • For fans of: Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Daniel Amos, Mark Heard, the 77s, Vector, Mike Knott, Bruce Cockburn, Dann Gunn, and The Choir.
  • 8 page insert with detailed liner notes - Jewel Case.


Steve Scott is a poet/artist/musician that was part of fringes of the CCM market (see: 77's, Exit Records, Larry Norman). He's recorded works span from the early 1980's-present. This is the first time a 'collection' of his 'music' has been in issued in the 'secular' market. For fans of progressive alternative rock in the vein of U2, The 77's, Rolling Stones, Daniel Amos, etc! This is a brilliant collection of some of his best and most beloved tunes!


Having been familiar with the music offerings of Steve Scott for the last 30 years or more I can say his music is timeless. He continues to amaze with each listen.....from his spoken word songs, instrumental arrangements and off-beat pop sensibilities, he plays by his own unique set of rules. Perhaps this is one reason he isn't better known. Steve Scott should be a household name! For now he remains as musics best kept secret. No, you won't see him touring across the country selling tickets at 80 bucks a piece, though it would be worth that much to see his live stage performance. He is no ordinary artist and can't be categorized, making it somewhat difficult explaining his musical sense. You simply need to hear him to understand the depth of his artistry. Steve's music contains thoughtful lyrics set to mostly new-wave or pop/rock arrangements while at other times incorporating gentle Asian-like sounds with ambient tape loops. Steve reminds me of another talented artist out of the UK....Geoff Mann In One Era, whom also was a member of the band...Twelfth Night M M X. If you can find Steve Scott's earlier albums, you should give them a listen. Emotional Tourist (a Steve Scott Retrospective) is an essential album that everyone should own.


1 Different Kind Of Light

2 Emotional Tourist

3 Ghost Train

4 Not A Pretty Picture

5 Love In The Western World

6 Sound Of Waves

7 Shadowplay

8 Farthest Star

9 Come Back Soon

10 Empty Orchestra

11 This Sad Music

12 No Memory Of You

13 Beneath The Skin

14 Slow Motion Reflections

15 Resurrection Of The Body

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