Sweet Comfort Band - Hold On Tight (Pre-Owned Vinyl) 1979 Light Records. Bryan Duncan

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  • Pre-Owned Vinyl in VG+ condition
  • 1979 Light Records
  • Bryan Duncan's Band
  • Last 70's Jesus Music / Christian Rock forerunner


Originally released 1979, Hold On Tight shows Sweet Comfort Band beginning to move away from the jazz-fusion stylings they had become known for and easing toward the more mainstream rock sound that would become evident on their later releases. The album was produced by Jesus Music veteran, Tom Stipe (Country Faith, Richie Furay Band). The title track scores an early high point lyrically with an inspirational call for struggling believers to hold fast to the truth of Christ, which alone can sustain them. "Carry Me" is an interesting track musically with progressive, moody stylings. "Undecided" is some major ear-candy that exemplifies the sort of melodic pop that gives Top 40 radio something with hooks and a stunning melody! Duncan's voice soars and floats over countless magical, memorable moments by the album's end. This 30th Anniversary Edition comes packaged in a full color digipak with enhanced original artwork and is properly remastered for a high quality audio experience!


01. Hold On Tight

02. Take It - Save It

03. Falling Star

04. You're The One

05. Angel

06. Chasin' The Wind

07. Don't Tell Me You Love Me

08. Undecided

09. Carry Me

10. More Than You Need

11. Find Your Way

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