The Choir - Speckled Bird (CD) Original REX pressing



The Choir have been around for decades, and they continue to put out great music, but they hit their pinnacle with Speckled Bird.

You Blow The Candle Out - You Take A Shovel To My Head...

Those are the first words that greet you on this 1994 release from veteran Christian alt-rockers The Choir, setting the tone for one of their most melancholy discs. This album is full of even more dense metaphor than much so that I'm at a loss to tell you what "Weather Girl" means even 11 years later. The sound is still full of distorted guitar layerings contrasted with the beautiful vocals of Derry Daugherty, Steve Hindalong's pounding backbeat, and Tim Chandler's bass with "Buckeye" Dan Michaels back on sax and lyricon for spice.

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