The Union of Sinners and Saints (VINYL) Petra / Whiteheart



  • Vinyl Record was only sold at shows 
  • Independent release from 2017

We also have just the CD available here.

Every Whiteheart and Petra fan will want this 12" vinyl collection that includes the Unplugged Medley, Brother to Brother, Old Guys Rule, Rise Up, Independence Day, Bittersweet and Beyond Belief. 

Few artists have been more influential in defining the CCM brand than Petra and WhiteHeart, John Schlitt, lead singer of Petra, and Billy Smiley, guitarist, singer, and founder of WhiteHeart, have teamed up to form a new band, The Union of Sinners and Saints featuring the above mentioned members from the two bestselling Christian Rock bands of all time, with over 15 million albums sold, 25 #1 songs, 15 Grammy and 40 Dove awards and nominations between them.

“Whether it’s a blazing cover of the classic hymn “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” (in the tradition of the Petra Praise series) or a stable of entirely new originals, the guys aren’t shy about their faith or witnessing to the world at large. And even with more than a dozen million album sales behind them, Schlitt, Smiley and the band sound as musically hungry as ever with a straight ahead melodic rock collection that ranks right up there with either co-leader’s best work.” FROM CCMMAGAZINE.COM


The Union of Sinners and Saints, featuring members of Petra and Whiteheart, two of the best-selling Christian rock bands of all time, offers this self-titled collection of new songs and familiar remakes with its debut release. Fans of both groups have wondered when this musical smashup would occur. Now it’s here! The 12 song CD showcases soaring rock vocals from Petra’s John Schlitt with Whiteheart’s Billy Smiley producing, singing and playing, recalling distinctive echoes of the Whiteheart sound with an all new in-your-face delivery. The project features ten new compositions and updated versions of Petra’s Beyond Belief and Whiteheart’s Independence Day.

Smiley brings in an all-star cast of musicians including Brian Wooten (Whiteheart, Trace Adkins) on guitar, Michael W. Smith on B-3 organ, Dann Huff on guitar, Bob Hartman and John Lawry (Petra) on guitar and keys, Phil Keaggy on guitar, Chris McHugh (Whiteheart, Keith Urban) and Jon Knox (Whiteheart) on drums, Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors) on guitar, Peter Furler (Newsboys) on drums and vocals, Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) on bass and other guest appearances of selected cuts. The project also features new artist Jason Fowler on guitar and vocals.

Few artists were more influential in defining contemporary Christian rock music in the 20th century than Petra and Whiteheart, arguably the best-selling Christian Rock bands of all time, with sales of over 12 million records between them. Collectively they have generated more than 25 #1 songs and earned more than 15 Grammy and 40 Dove nominations and awards.

  • Produced and Arranged by Billy Smiley for Cul De Sac Records & Suite 28 Records, Franklin, TN
  • Mastering by Yes Mastering, Nashville, TN
  • Photography by Glen Sweitzer @ Fresh Design, Franklin, TN
  • Artwork and Graphic design by Britt Leigh Design, Marina Del Ray, CA

The Union of Sinners and Saints is:
John Schlitt – Lead Vocals
Billy Smiley – Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards
Anthony Sallee – Bass
Jason Fowler – Vocals and Guitar
Jon Knox - Drums
Jonathan Crone – Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards

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