Accu§er - Who Dominates Who? + 2x Ltd Collector Cards (*NEW 2-CD Set, 2023, Brutal Planet) Remastered Crunchy 80's Thrash CLASSIC!


BPCD1586 ACCUSER - WHO DOMINATES WHO (2 CD) 637405141436 

  • Limited to Just 500 Copies!
  • Includes 2 first time bonus tracks of Terroristic Violence and Black Suicide which were on the original German CD pressing as early studio versions of those classic tracks 
  • Contains two Ltd Collector Cards - one with the line-up from each era
  • Remastered 2-CD Set 
  • 1st time the 2-CD Set ever available in the USA
  • Long out-of-print on CD!
  • Absolute stone-cold classic melodic thrash in the vein of 80's Megadeth and Metallica!
  • Jewel case version with 16 page booklet with lyrics and massive number of cool photos 
  • Includes write up of the story behind Who Dominates Who?
  • Includes both the 1989 and 2014 covers so fans can choose which one to display as the cover
  • Part of the exclusive Metal Icon Series on Brutal Planet Records

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT Accu§er - Who Dominates Who?

This album blew me away. It has great riffs and excellent guitar tone and production quality. The solos sound a lot like Alex Skolnick from Testament. The music overall kinda sounds Exodus and Testament inspired. It doesn't sound German at all. The only reason I can think of as to why this is such an obsolete album is that it has very anti-America lyrics. Since you pretty much can't find this album anywhere except Ebay and for a lot of money, I recommend downloading it. Maybe one day some record company will re-release this, but I think it's pretty doubtful.  CD REVIEWER

This record is a riff fest...every song has many tight and progressive-esque riffs squeezed into them with a varying degree of different tempos and really impressive harmonized riffs. The guitar solos here are also really good...  METAL-ARCHIVES

Accu§ER plays late 80's technical thrash metal with a raw aggressive edge. Their sound is similar in style to what many of the German thrash bands of the times were doing...I wish there were still bands left that sounded like this: speedy riffs, fast solos, pummeling double bass and aggressive, yet coherent vocals.    SCOTT WATERS - NOLIFETILMETAL

Considered by critics as an 'eternal classic' Who Dominates Who? was a definitive climax in the development of the band and continues to be revered by thrash experts. It is the extraordinary guitar work which impressed then, and still impresses now. The 2023 Brutal Planet Records 2-CD reissue of Who Dominates Who is the ultimate reissue of an ultimate thrash masterpiece containing two CDs allowing fans to find affordable copies of impossible to find albums - the 1989 original recording and the 2014 re-recorded classic. The 2014 album was recorded with well-known producer Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Suidakra, Perzonal War). This is the chance for fans to get the songs with Frank Thoms on vocals, who was the guitarist on the original album. New member Dennis Rybakowski on the guitar respectfully enhances the solos even more while the album stays close to the original. The album is expertly packaged in a jewel case with a 16-page booklet containing lyrics and many rare band photos along with two Ltd Collector Cards - one from each era with the band line-up.  Both albums showcase hard-edged, crunchy thrash filled with an array of magnificent riffs held together with melodic vocals.  For fans of 80's Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax! Limited to just 500 copies!

CD 1: Original Version (1989 Remastered)
1 Master Of Disaster 7:47
2 Who Pulls The Wire? 4:16
3 Elected To Suffer 6:39
4 Symbol Of Hate 5:35
5 Who Dominates Who? 5:14
6 Bastard 6:08
7 Called To The Bench 8:22
8 Black Suicide 6:16 (bonus track)
9 Terroristic Violence 8:01 (bonus track)

CD 2: (Re-Recorded 2014 / Remastered) 
1 Master Of Disaster 7:47
2 Who Pulls The Wire? 4:16
3 Elected To Suffer 6:39
4 Symbol Of Hate 5:35
5 Who Dominates Who? 5:14
6 Bastard 6:08
7 Called To The Bench 8:22

CD 1: Original Version (1989 Remastered)
Master Of Disaster/Who Pulls The Wire?/Elected To Suffer/Symbol Of Hate/Who Dominates Who?/Bastard/Called To The Bench/Black Suicide/Terroristic Violence
CD 2: (Re-Recorded 2014 / Remastered) 
Master Of Disaster/Who Pulls The Wire?/Elected To Suffer/Symbol Of Hate/Who Dominates Who?/Bastard/Called To The Bench

Accuser – Who Dominates Who? (Brutal Planet Records, 2023)

This is Accuser’s third album, and it celebrates the band completely in their element. Hands down, this is the quintessential Accuser album. The songs are political in nature, taking the side of the oppressed and overlooked. Musically, the songs are involved and lengthy, showing what a band at their prime is capable of pulling off. In a nutshell, this is their optimis optimus.  

Let’s take stock of what makes this album so rich. Master Of Disaster is a strong opener, guitar and bass doing intricate riffage, reaching for a perfect eight-minute thrash storm. Who Pulls The Wire picks up the pace for an even more complicated composition. The pissed-off vocals and diminished guitar tones are simply gorgeous together. Elected To Suffer, the only song I know addressing organ harvesting, keeps fast and crunchy momentum with a slower build-up bridge added. Symbol Of Hate, my favorite cut from the album, is unrelenting commentary on Germany’s war faction. The technical riff changes and tight rhythms are what keep us listening.

Starting off in doom metal form, Bastard is the most experimental track to grace this album. Some very solid soloing as well.  Then it’s back to the lightning-speed technical thrash with Called To The Bench, also the lengthiest composition. You may need to ice your neck after this one. This one’s for the diehard fans of Annihilator or Testament.

The two bonus tracks that were added to the CD and cassette version of this album also make it onto this remastered version. Both bonus tracks are consistent with the praiseworthy musical caliber delivered on here.

Brutal Planet Records also goes the distance and includes the 2014 re-recorded version, which was made to commemorate Accuser’s 25th year anniversary of this classic album. It can not be over-stated how much of a vast improvement the re-recorded album is. New guitarist Dennis Rybakowski adds his unique rendering of the guitar work from 25 years ago, with all the latest in technology and production to brings these compositions to a new millennium. The vocals are more upfront, guitars are substantially more dense, and the bass and drum work is pronounced considerably. Whatever issues metal folks had with early Accuser can be laid to rest with this bad boy. It’s simply impeccable thrash, worthy of turning up loud. 

--Doug Peterson, music enthusiast & critic

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