Adam Again - Woldwide Favourites (CD)

A worthy document of a timeless night, this 2000 Cornerstone performance was an opporunity for Gene's band and friends to celebrate his music one final time. As a one-take live show for a large festival audience there are some flaws as the mix gets settled in the first song or two and with mikd feedback through that same stretch (another poignant reminder since Gene's last show at Cornerstone - '97 - also had somewhat the same issues, though sadly the mix never got right that night).

This is an interesting show warts and all, that reminds one of how unique a genius Gene really was since as hard as some of the best try they can't quite render Gene's songs as tellingly as he did. There are still some gorgeous moments with Sim Wilson's take on Don't Cry the highlight, though Mike Roe also left his heart out there. A very emotional night for all involved and one I treasure being there for. Gene's music remains to be enjoyed and his impact is still felt. Everything he did is astounding, so give them a listen. You won't be disappointed.

The second CD of this set is Greg Lawless' solo project (Prayers and Lowsongs), which was originally an ultra-limited Cornerstone special release. Well worth hearing and quite different than his work with Adam Again.

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