Altar Boys - When You're A Rebel (Vinyl) FACTORY SEALED RECORD

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  • 1985 Broken Records

1985 Broken Records (Original Vinyl Record). Yep, this is 34 years old vinyl that is almost new and in perfect condition. Flawless. This 3 piece punk rock band fronted by Mike Stand, was one of the best Christian rock bands of the 80's. Energy, driving rock. These guys gave us some of the most emotion and hard driving tunes of the day. When you listen to this again, you'll remember why.

A1 Difference In Me
A2 More Of You
A3 Calling Out To Believers!
A4 When I'm With God
A5 I'm Into God (Reprise)
A6 When You're A Rebel
B1 Jesus Is Number One
B2 If You Let Him In
B3 When I See You
B4 He Knows You Better
B5 Does God's Heart Cry?

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