Amy Grant - Unguarded (Vinyl) Pre-Owned ORIGINAL PRESSING

  • Near Mint condition
  • Very glossy cover with no seam splits 
  • 1985 Word Records
  • The R Cover (read below)

There were 4 covers. This on is the one with her looking left and her hands in her pockets. THE R COVER.   .A&M Records released Unguarded with four different covers, with the bottom of the spine labeled W, O, R, or D. When the album was issued on compact disc, the ‘D’ variation became the standard version for the cover. 

Amy’s 9th album recorded in 1984–1985 at Caribou Ranch, Nederland, Colorado. This was the last album recorded at the studio before it was damaged by fire (Elton John’s 1974 album Caribou was recorded at and named after the studio)

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