Amy Grant - Unguarded (New *2020 Edition - Gatefold LP Jacket, Limited Edition)

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  • Super High Quality Double Vinyl Gatefold
  • New, factory sealed
  • Includes 4 unreleased Live Tracks
  • Includes Hype Sticker


Vinyl LP pressing. This 35th anniversary edition of Unguarded is a limited run double vinyl set featuring remastered original tracks, live versions of some fan favorites, and commentary directly from Amy about the recording process over 35 years ago!

Before this album was released, the Christian music industry knew a totally different Amy Grant. This was the woman who had given them praise classics like "El Shaddai", touching melodies like "Fathers's Eyes", and sweet, reflective tunes like "Giggle".

The first 10 seconds of this album revealed another side to Amy's talent. The hard-driving beat of "Love of Another Kind" marked the beginning of Amy's cross-over into popular rock... And I, for one, was thrilled! Always shooting from the hip, Amy Grant delved into this new style of music with an honesty message of hope that shines with each successive track.

This is fun music: music to crank up in the car as you drive down the road. "Find A Way" and "Wise Up" join "Love" as the albums most "rocky" and catchy tunes. "Everywhere I Go" is a beautifully arranged and well written expression of hope, and "Who to Listen To" speaks of the choices we face when we choose who to trust. By far, the most fun tune is the aforementioned "Wise Up" which has been the cause of more near-accidents on the American highway than should probably be counted.
The title, "Unguarded" comes from a background lyric in the song, "Fight" ...'I've got to stay open, keep defenses all down (unguarded heart) Don't want to be hiding, when the love comes 'round. '

There are four covers to this album, with Amy striking different poses in her now infamous spotted jacked. As a plus, listen for then-husband Gary Chapman doing background vocals on many of the tracks.

I wanted to point out that my opinion here is a bit biased...I am quite the Amy-fan. For the diehard Amy-ite, this is one of the best albums she has ever done and if you don't have it, you should click the button NOW. For the casual or non-fan, this album contains many fun songs with a definite 80s flare, and I really do believe that you would enjoy them. 

Amy Rocks.

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