Art Core - Vol one (CD)

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  • New Factory Sealed
  • Hype Sticker
  • 1995 Tooth & Nail Records

This Tooth And Nail collection contains some of the best bands and songs from the Tooth and Nail label. Highlights include Joy Electric--Sorcery, Almonzo--Pan Cake Batter Girl, Havalina Rail Co--Dominique's Library. The few weak spots are Dear--Hidden Beauty, The Sirago 17--Bedspins, and Superchrome U.K.--Going Down. Overall, this is a great mix of the more artful tunes and bands that Tooth and Nail put out. 3 1/2 Stars.

1 –Joy Electric -Sorcery
2 –Rose Blossom Punch -Sowing In The Sun
3 –Starflyer 2000*- Leigh And Me
4 –Lance Alton -Hemingway Evangaline
5 –Julie Band -A Little Nothing
6 –Deer -Hidden Beauty
7 –The Way -Sect Bloom Subsidize
8 –The Sirago 17- Bedspins (Mustang Version)
9 –Luxury -When The Curtain Falls
10 –Havalina -Rail Co. Dominique’s Library
11 –MxPx- Suggestion Box
12 –Superchrome -U.K. Going Down
13 –Almonzo -Pan Cake Batter Girl

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