Bleach - Astronomy (CD)


People who are a fan of Bleach are calling this album not as impressive and not as hard. Well the Byers brothers who are the bassist and drummer-lost their biggest fan and hero that all the members of Bleach love-Josh Byers. Josh died in Iraq fighting for his country and his borthers Milam and Jared dedicated ASTRONOMY to his life and his lovingness to God, his family, and his work for the army, 

Next time you listen to "tired heart" and think negatively think about Captain Josh Byers and how he was fighting for America-not only for himself but for everyone.

First off this album is an incredible testimony of the life of the band members, namely Milam and Jared and the tragedy that their family has suffered. Notwithstanding the recent events, the band's sound has continued to mature and remains on the cutting edge of Christian music. Some might think that the music might not be the quality of previous Bleach albums due to recent events, but that is not the case at all. The band members have stood side by side, bearing one another's burdens and continuing to strive for excellence in their music, continuing to share their incredible Gospel message. Their music is a true testimony of the life of the Hero that it was written and performed in commemoration of.

As the brother of one of Josh Byers' best friends from college and life, these guys seem like brothers to me, making the music all the sweeter. With the unfortunate death of Captain Joshua T. Byers, a dear friend of the family, my heart goes out to the family of the Byers. Josh would not have had it any other way than his brothers to continue on performing and sharing the Joy message, continuing to be strong through all trials. Josh typically signed most of his letters with Phil 4:13, so should we continue to be strong.

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