BRIDE - SILENCE IS MADNESS + 1 bonus track (Limited Run Vinyl) (*NEW, 180 Gram Black Vinyl or Grey/Blue Swirl Vinyl, 2019, Retroactive)



Roxx, Boone's Overstock, NoLifeTilMetal and Girder have teamed up to bring you very exclusive limited run vinyl. Limited run vinyl is short run vinyl that are limited to just 100 or 200 copies. All Limited Run Vinyl are pressing in a cool eco-mix color, 180 gram with a poly lined black inner sleeve. How do you know if your vinyl is a Limited Run Vinyl, just look for this logo on the back.

Each pressing is limited to just 100 or 200 copies max never to be re-pressed again. They are 180 Gram. These are truly limited and will run out fast. You'll want to get in on these early. 

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