BRIDE - SNAKE EYES (*NEW-CD, 2018, Retroactive Records)

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  • 12 Page booklet with lyrics
  • Release Date: August 21st, 2018 

A new Harry Potter book, the next Star Wars movie, or even one’s first kiss from that someone special can evoke epic proportions of anticipation.  But NONE of those compare to how much Bride fans have anticipated a full-on, legitimate, straight out, unadulterated, no-holds-barred return to the Snakes in the Playground (1992) era Bride sound.  Let’s be clear that Bride is without dispute THE most prolific Christian metal band ever.  Bride has no less than 24 full length releases under their belts, and every single one drips with passion, relevance, and musical perfection.  No one has done it better for longer without quitting. No one. Long-time label partners, Retroactive Records are thrilled to unveil the epic return that fans have longed for and anticipated for 26 years - a new album that fully embraces the iconic Snakes.... era with massive hooks, relentless metal riffs, over-the-top vocals, and cutting edge lyrics.  Welcome to the Jungle....with Snake Eyes (2018) the new Bride release that spews venom, and has all the bite fans can take. Brothers Dale and Troy Thompson have created another tour de force metal album that once again raises the bar, and satisfies the most demanding ear candy quotient.  Snake Eyesoffers nothing less than a fistful of ferocious rock anthems that will be clogging your brainwaves in the days ahead. File this one as one of greatest hard-rock records of its time.  Yes, it’s that good! Honestly, no one played metal better in 1992 when Snakes in the Playground released, and with Snake Eyes the band brings that same swagger.  For fans of Gun N’ Roses, Skid Row, and Guardian.  Available on CD and Vinyl (marbled blue)!

A few years back, I thought Bride had been laid to rest. We ran the course God had called us to do-traveled the world, recorded over a dozen albums, and we felt as though we'd finished the race and that it was time to move on. I went on to other musical projects (N.O.G., Perpetual Paranoia, The World Will Burn), while Troy invested his time in his buisnesses and hobbies. I moved away-8168 miles, to be exact-to marry my best friend, Adelinde (who is also the biggest supporter of my music and art.) I do not know precisely how it happened, but through a series of emailsI convinced Troy to start writing again. It wasn't long before I knew magic was still there. Troy began sending me all of these clever guitar hooks and completed songs, which sparked in me a writing frenzy. Consequently, I was composing lyrics with ease like never before. As God spoke to me, I translated what He was filling me with onto the page, and thus another Bride album was mapped out, ready to record. Nenel Lucena, my writing partner and guitarist for No Other God (N.O.G), volunteered his services on bass in addition to engineering the album. Subsequently, we put together a great team, adding the phenomenal drumming of Brazilian great Alexandre Aposan. Snake Eyes for me is a labor of love, dedicated to the friends and fans of Bride. Thank you all and be blessed. -Dale Thompson, April 2018

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Fake News
  3. Famous When I’m Dead
  4. John the Baptist
  5. Think I’ll Build a Bomb
  6. The Real Jesus
  7. Lost In a Song
  8. Laughter of It All
  9. The Painter
  10. Call Out His Name
  11. Suicide
  12. There’s Always Tomorrow

Customer Reviews

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Got my cd case looks a little cracked but honestly can't complain since cd was fine glad to have gotten this cd

Return of the BRIDE

Well look out because the Bride has returned to give us a slamming force of steel. A continued frenzy that was 90s Bride. None stop RIFFS. the killer vocals of Dale Thompson. This is one amazing album. It’s a crazy good album that you need to buy. BRIDE.... AMAZING

Jeff McCormack
Closest to Snakes Yet!

I've been a fan of Bride since mail ordering a Matrix tape (their original name) from them in those early demo days. I've been along for the ride since day one for the Bride releases, going through the ups and down and changes in sound from metal to rock to hard rock and alternative sounding rock and everything in between as the band rocked their way through over thirty years of existence. Bride is a band that has not really stuck with one sound for very long. Almost every Bride album sounds different style-wise than the others. So yeah, I am a big fan, and like many, I see Snakes in the Playground as a high water mark. An album that just sticks out as amazing from start to finish and is still a favorite to listen to even to this day. And it seems like ever since that release, fans have been begging for more of the same. Well, finally after all these years, the band said they would return to that sound, and they have given us Snake Eyes.

With the opening riff of "Fake News" I knew I was in the realm of the original Snakes. The riff and the tone and feel just oozed that feel. For the next eleven tracks, the feeling was very close to the same. For a band that has changed their style with almost every release, it is surely hard to recapture a style from over 25 years ago, but they come darn close to doing it, and we must applaud that effort. I still fine Snakes to be a more perfect release, but that may be more due to nostalgia, as this is most definitely a close runner up.

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