Capital Lights - This Is an Outrage (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2008 Tooth & Nail Records
  • TND21610

Tulsa, Oklahoma, quartet Capital Lights shed their previous identity as a screamo outfit (in the local band afterEIGHT) and began writing melodic alternative rock songs that draws from punk-pop and emo. The group’s debut THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! offers up full-frontal rockers (“Kick It Off”), message-driven tunes (“Night of Your Life is When You Die”), and hooks that won’t quit (“Worth As Much As a Counterfeit Dollar”). A bright, confident debut that shows Capital Lights to be smart tunesmiths who also know how to rock, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! is a welcome addition to the scene.

1 Outrage
2 Worth As Much As A Counterfeit Dollar
3 Out Of Control
4 Remember The Day
5 Miracle Man
6 Mile Away
7 Work It Out
8 Let The Little Lady Talk
9 Return
10 Kick It Off
11 The Night Of Your Life Is When You'll Die
12 Frank Morris

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This is probably my favorite Punk album ! I tried to find a physical version of it and I found this! Amazing album 10/10 !

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