Betrayal - Renaissance By Death (VINYL) 2019 Girder Records


For fans of Believer, Deliverance, Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, Testament, Tourniquet, The Crucified, Detritus, D.R.I.

  • Random Color Vinyl
  • Legends of Rock Series
  • Remastered by by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Release Date: Vinyl Nov/Dec 2019


If you've followed Christian thrash for very long we probably don't need to tell you how sought after Betrayal is and to finally get both of their albums remastered is something that every single Thrash enthusiast has been dreaming of.  We've been working on making these reissues happen since last year.  We are thrilled that now that we are into the 2nd half of 2019 we can finally make it official and let you in on this tightly guarded secret.  Both Betrayal albums 'Renaissance By Death' (1991 Wonderland) as well as 'The Passing' (1993 Wonderland) are getting remastered by the great Rob Colwell. To make it even more special we will be releasing these on Vinyl as well as CD.  Both CDs are going to made immediately available as well as the Vinyl of 'Renaissance By Death'. We will do 'The Passing' on vinyl a bit later on.

All orders will come with RipStream digital downloads when it ships.

If you order the bundle, you'll get the free Betrayal shaped sticker as well as the limited edition button pack.  The bundles are limited to the first 100, which will also come with a 8 page booklet thanks to Chris Akerman (lead vocalist) who is providing us tons of great historical photos, flyers, original lyric sheets and much more.  


Who is Betrayal?

Betrayal was a forerunner of technical speed metal.  The band was formed early on as Martyr and after a few personnel changed their name to Betrayal. Their first album, 'Renaissance By Death' set the standard for thrash metal and soon after they released their second album 'The Passing' and then disappeared, but not before making a major impact on the Christian Metal market.  Both albums were originally released on Wonderland Records who also owned Intense Records (Vengeance, Sacred Warrior, Deliverance) before selling it off to Frontline Music. 

Both of these masterpieces are complete unadulterated trash onslaughts mixing west coast thrash metal, and old school speed-metal with some early hardcore elements which comes through in the vocals.

Renaissance By Death starts off with this incredible instrumental that is epic with keys, dulcimer and then dives deep into a dark minor doom-like progression that is slow and dark. The second song The Invitation sets the tone for this albums that kicks into high gear with turns and with speed fluctuations. Double bass, non-growling vocals abound on this album with some very unique guitar tones. The vocals are reminiscent of early Crucified, Believer and Slayer.  The album also boast some of the greatest song titles such as Mortal Flesh, Prophets of Baal, Escaping the Altar and more.  However this version will contain correct spelling of all song titles. ; ) 

For fans of Believer, Deliverance, Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, Testament, Tourniquet, The Crucified, Detritus, 

Renaissance By Death

Marcus N. Colon - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, BGVs
Matt Maners - Lead Rhythm Guitars
Chris Ackerman - Lead Vocals
Jeff Lain - Bass Guitar
Brian Meuse - Drums


  1. Renaissance By Death
  2. The Invitation
  3. Fallen Deceived
  4. Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
  5. Escaping the Altar
Side 2
  1. Assassins In the Midst
  2. Mortal Flesh
  3. More Faith Than Me
  4. Prophets of Baal
  5. Plead the Blood

Customer Reviews

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Brian Shertzer
Remastered perfection

Girder delivers once again! Betrayal's epic begining has moments of classical music and shifts to a haunting delivery as the band launches into "The invitation". Betrayal pulls no punches with technical thrash perfection. "Fallen Deceived" is a true stand out gem. RBD balances smooth guitar tones with all out thrash taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride ot thrills. If you are into bands such as "Believer" this is a must have for your collection.

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