IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - LATE FOR NOTHING (*NEW-CD +Ltd Collector Card, 2023, Brutal Planet) *Amazing Brutal Metal Deathcore


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  • Originally released on Century Media Records, 2013
  • Officially licensed 
  • Classic mastering
  • Each CD comes with a Ltd Edition band Collector Card
  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series on Brutal Planet Records
  • Limited to just 500 CDs world-wide
  • Guest guitarist, the iconic – Steve Vai
  • The band's first release with vocalist Courtney LaPlante
  • Song "Boat Paddle" has 2 million streams on Spotify
  • 6 panel wallet
  • For fans of Chariot, Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, Horse the Band, Dillinger Escape Plan and more!


Brace yourself for the highly anticipated 2023 CD reissue of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE's boundary-pushing album, "Late for Nothing," presented by Brutal Planet Records. Encased in a captivating 6-panel wallet packaging, this release promises to transport you once more on a wild and exhilarating musical journey. A genre-defying masterpiece, "Late for Nothing" combines elements of metalcore, jazz, electronica, and experimental music, showcasing the band's exceptional talent and unorthodox creativity. This reissue stays true to the album's original essence, delivering its raw brilliance without remastering or bonus tracks. As an extra treat for die-hard fans, each copy includes an exclusive band collector card, making this edition even more special and worthy of a coveted spot in any music enthusiast's collection.

Prepare to dive headfirst into the unpredictable world of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE as you rediscover the relentless energy and technical virtuosity that made "Late for Nothing" a timeless classic. With its striking artwork and the added personal touch of the band collector card, this CD reissue embodies the band's audacious spirit and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of metalcore. Released on Brutal Planet Records, the reissue celebrates the enduring impact of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE's music on the avant-garde metal scene, making it a must-have addition for both long-time fans and newcomers eager to explore the exhilarating soundscape crafted by this influential band.

1 Thunder Chunky
2 Letters To Stallone
3 Snake Charmer
4 Boat Paddle
5 Firebees
6 Mind The Gap
7 Carnage Asada Guest, Soloist – Steve Vai
8 The Map
9 That's A Horse Of A Different Color
10 I'd Buy That For A Dollar
11 Inside Job
12 It Don't Make Me No Nevermind

Thunder Chunky/Letters To Stallone/Snake Charmer/Boat Paddle/Firebees/Mind The Gap/Carnage Asada/The Map/That's A Horse Of A Different Color/I'd Buy That For A Dollar/Inside Job/It Don't Make Me No Nevermind

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