Currents - The Death We Seek (New White Vinyl) SharpTone 2023


Currents - The Death We Seek (New White Vinyl)

  • Brand New Sealed

  • White Vinyl

  • Product ID: SRRT6768-3.1

Label: SharpTone
Release Date: May 5th, 2023 !!!AVAILABLE NOW!!!
 UPC: 4065629676834


Leveling everything in their path with crushing intensity and raw emotional confession, CURRENTS set new standards for dissonance, dissatisfaction, and existential dread, with unstoppable fury. The band plays an overwhelming and jaw-dropping mixture of metallic hardcore, aggressive melody, and electronic texture. Currents aren't afraid to look inward with stark examinations of failure, heartache, and one's responsibility to the world. Heady and ferocious, The Death We Seek is Currents at both their most powerful and most vulnerable. Songs like "Unfamiliar," "Vengeance," "Remember Me," and "So Alone" are unflinching explorations of rugged emotional terrain. Currents are uncompromisingly heavy and as raw as a nerve exposed. White vinyl

Track List

A1 The Death We Seek
A2 Living In Tragedy
A3 Unfamiliar
A4 So Alone
A5 Over And Over
B1 Beyond This Road
B2 Vengeance
B3 Gone Astray
B4 Remember Me
B5 Guide Us Home

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