Daniel Amos - Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits (CD)



  • New Factory Sealed
  • 1998 KMG Records

Is Daniel Amos a country band? Yes. A synth-happy new wave act? Yes. An acid rock throwback? Again, yep. Punky garage rockers? Uh-huh. At various times in their career, the California based group of Terry Taylor has been every one of these musically mixed with an often dense lyrical imagery inspired by the likes of Freidrich Buechner, William Blake, and George, John, Paul, and Ringo (not to mention Brian Wilson).

That's why trying to encapsulate a band that had been together for more than 20 years when this 1998 compilation was assembled (and yes, they're STILL making music in 2006) was difficult. KMG chose to try and take a fairly inclusive approach, representing cuts from nearly every album released during that span. This type of approach has its pluses and minuses.

1 Walls Of Doubt
2 Alarma
3 Darn Floor/Big Bite
4 Broken Ladders
5 I'll Get Over It
6 If You Want To
7 The Pool
8 Mall (All Over The World)
9 I Love You #19
10 Hound Of Heaven
11 Twilight Love [Live-Unreleased]
12 Grace Is The Smell Of Rain
13 Noelle
14 When Everyone Wore Hats
15 Sanctuary
16 Soon
17 Father's Arms
18 Ain't Gonna Fight It

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