Death Therapy - The Storm Before The Calm (CD) METAL

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  • 2017 Solid State
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Death Therapy are an industrial-cum-groove Christian metal project based in Georgia. Their unconventional sound relies on electronics, drums, bass, and vocals. The clash between industrial, beat-driven, and metallic elements offers a swirling, dark, emotive sound, alternately harsh and haunting as evidenced by their acclaimed debut album, 2017's The Storm Before the Calm on Solid State.
The project was envisioned by ex-Becoming the Archetype and Solamors bassist/vocalist Jason Wisdom in 2015. He imagined a sound separate from anything he'd done previously, one that would buoy a lyric critique of societal, spiritual, and psychological norms and offer a more direct atmospheric line to powerful emotional states. He began writing and recording original music for the project, and issued an extremely limited four-track demo in 2016 that sold out immediately. After securing a deal with Solid State -- also home to Becoming the Archetype -- Wisdom recruited keyboardist Brian Wages and drummer Josh Seagraves to complete the full-length The Storm Before the Calm. Released in February 2017, the sans-guitar release revealed a nearly obsessive affinity for experimentation and confrontation and garnered universally positive reviews inside and outside Christian music circles.

Wages and Seagraves were both eventually replaced by drummer Blake Aldrige (they were never meant to join permanently), and the two-man outfit developed a live show as -- if not more -- intense than their recorded music. This third incarnation of Death Therapy shifted gears again to experiment with a wider swath of noise, ambient, and gothic textures for 2019's Voices. In addition to a song sequence where no two tracks even resembled one another, the set also featured guest vocal spots from Glasslands' Josh Kincheloe, Silent Planet's Garrett Russell, and Matt Baird of Spoken.

TracklistShow Credits
1 Until Then
2 Self Mind Dead
3 The Lie
4 Wake Me (When I'm Dead)
5 Prodigal
6 Slow Dance (With Death)
7 Possessed
8 Everything Burns
9 The Belmont Family Curse (Pt. 1: Night)
10 The Belmont Family Curse (Pt. 2: Day)

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