Debby Boone - Friends for Life (Vinyl)


1987 Lamb & Lion Records

Friends for Life is a 1987 album by Debby Boone. The album was a success, peaking at #4 on the Top Contemporary Christian charts.

  1. Be Ye Glad
  2. Make Me Ready
  3. Unconditional Love
  4. To Every Generation
  5. The Name Above All Names
  6. A Little Broken Bread
  7. Above All Else
  8. Masihlanganeni (Let Us Stand Together)
  9. Friends For Life
  10. Sincerely Yours

Deborah Boone daughter of Pat Boone is an American singer, author, and stage actress. She is best known for her 1977 hit, "You Light Up My Life," which spent a then record ten weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and led to her winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist the following year. Boone later focused her music career on country music resulting in the 1980 No. 1 country hit, "Are You on the Road to Lovin' Me Again". In the 1980s, she recorded Christian music which garnered her four top 10 Contemporary Christian albums as well as two more Grammys. Throughout her career, Boone has appeared in several musical theater productions and has co-authored many children's books with husband, Gabriel Ferrer.

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