Deitiphobia - Clean (CD)

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Deitiphobia was initially formed in 1990 under the name Donderfliegen by artists Wally Shaw and Brent Stackhouse. They released a demo album, Digital Priests, on their own independent label, Slava Music. The name change from Donderfliegen to Deitiphobia was first announced on-stage at the Cornerstone New Band Showcase performance of 1991. Their first major release, Fear of God, was released later that year when the band was signed to Blonde Vinyl Records. Slava Music subsequently became a sub-label of Blonde Vinyl.
A remix of the band's independent first release, Digital Priests - the Remixes followed in 1992 on the new Slava Music sub-label, and became known as Deitiphobia's unofficial second album. 1992 also brought a change in the line-up when Stackhouse parted ways with the band to form Wigtop with his vocalist wife, Heather - which released its first and only album, Revelation 1921 that year on Blonde Vinyl – Slava Music. Stackhouse went on to be involved with the electronic dance band X-Propagation with Bryon Payne. The band released one spiritual warfare themed album, Conflict, in 1993.

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