Delirious? ‎– Access:D Live Worship In The Key Of D Limited Edition



  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2002 Furious? Records
  • FRD0303
  • Limited Edition

Although it’s probably sacrilege to admit it, my interest in Delirious? has waned in recent years. I loved 1999’s magnificent ‘Mezzamorphis’, which should have finally delivered the mainstream recognition the Littlehampton lads demanded, but 2001's ‘Audio Lessonover?’ seemed a tad tired, panting to keep up with rock trends. So, where does this double album – the band’s third live release - take us? As the first loops of “Deeper” bounce in, I’m catapulted back six years to my first Delirious? encounter at an intense gig in a blacked-out Anglican church in Lincoln. I’d never known worship like it before and, on this CD, the group are again doing what they do best. Urged on by adoring fans across the globe, the fivesome are, for the most part, red-hot, helped by a crisp, full mix. Pile-driving rock explodes heavenwards as “God’s Romance”, “My Glorious”, “Love Is The Compass”, the old faithful “Happy Song”, and a floor-shaking “Heaven” follow. After some cheesy guitar histrionics by Stuart Garrard threaten to throw them off course, Delirious? settle back into a solid groove on CD 2 with a chunky “ I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”, crazy Beck-like slide guitar on “King Of Fools” and an extended improvised worship (maybe a case of needing to be there?) session. While it may not win over new followers, this 120-minute album hardly drags and does exactly what it says on the tin case, offering intimate access to one of rock’s most spiritually charged and accomplished acts. Now, how’s about knocking out a Mercury Music Prize winning world-beater, eh lads?

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