Delirious? - Kingdom of Comfort (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2008 Sparrow Records

It's no wonder fans continue to sing this band's praise forever: 12 years and 11 studio albums into their career, Delirious? created another characteristic rock album. Kingdom of Comfort is one of the band's brightest spots, delivering socially conscious lyrics that evolved from eye-opening tours to Third World countries. After visiting the slums of India, Cambodia, and South Africa, frontman Martin Smith crafted a powerful thematic message that indicts the generation of entitlement and media consumerism. Smith calls us to action and demands that we give more thought to helping the world's poor. The message is complete on worship tracks "How Sweet the Name" and "We Give You Praise," explaining that the reason to reach out of our comfort zones is to honor God. With a diverse, well-crafted set of rock tracks, even casual fans have to acknowledge that this project is a genuine tour de force.

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