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  • Remastered by Bombworks Sound / Rob Colwell
  • FREE Ripstream MP3 download with purchase
  • 1st time ever on vinyl
  • Rare band pics, lyrics, write up from DA's Terry Taylor (producer)
  • Black Vinyl is perfect for the flow and feel of the Learn artwork
  • Amazing write-up by NoLifeTilMetal's Scott Waters (CD only)
  • Two-sided full color printed sleeve to hold the vinyl
  • Limited Edition CD of just 500 copies
  • Limited Edition Vinyl of just 200 copies

The fifth release by the L.A.-based metal band Deliverance, coming out in 1993. Learn is slower to mid-paced, filled with brooding, heavy riffs, distinctive bass lines, and vocals that at times recall Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Eric Clayton of Saviour Machine, and at other times, Dream Theater. And, while you can hear musical influences on the album, Deliverance was synthesizing them to create their own expressive landscape.  Learn is a full-on metallic muscle flex of heavy metal. The music is thick, intentional, confident, and crunchy.  While early albums sped through from beginning to end, Learn is determined to make the journey as enjoyable and delicious as possible - so no need to rush! This is the definition of epic, progressive heavy metal and it continues to be a high point in the Deliverance catalog and an album treasured by fans.  

Side A (26 minutes):
1. Time
2. 1990
3. Learn
4. Reflection
5. In the Will

Side B (25 minutes):
6. Who Am I?
7. Renew
8. The Rain
9. Desperate Cries
10. Sanctuary

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