Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell (CD)

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 The album opens up with the self-titled track, 'Storm The Gates Of Hell', a fast paced song that has a running time of 2:44. Just enough time to build intensity and give the listener a feel of what the rest of the album is like. Demon Hunter sure knows how to open an album straight out of the Gates (no pun intended). The track ends and seamlessly transitions into 'Lead us Home', the first full length song on the album. The chorus here is super catchy and is guaranteed to have you humming it for hours to come.

Skipping a little forward we find the first ballad, 'Carry Me Down', a song that deals with death and its duality, being both sad but with hope at the same time. Great ballad. Moving forward a little more, we arrive at 'I Am You', an intense metal song that is sure to have you head banging all the way though. This song is followed by 'Thorns'; which is, as Ryan Clark has described in the past, a power ballad for not being completely soft but still carries a light rock punch. I'm still getting used to it but it's a good song overall. Next we have 'Follow The Wolves', a very different sounding song from something you'd expect from Demon Hunter. It's their most experimental song on the album, including a "disco beat" right before the chorus. (Instant favorite of mine) the standard edition of the album closes with 'Fiction Kingdom' and 'The Wrath of God', a couple of songs that Ryan had considered to be almost one, since the aforementioned is a sequel to 'Fiction Kingdom'. Solid way to close Storm The Gates...

The bonus tracks, 'No Reason to Exist' and 'Grand Finale' are also really great, and they are the biggest reason why I'm glad to have gotten the deluxe edition. Very intense songs and for any listener who is fascinated with the book of Revelation in the Bible, you'll be pleased to hear what 'Grand Finale' has to say.

This deluxe box sets includes a necklace inspired from one of the demon skull horns. Well manufactured piece of jewelry. Also included is a sticker which reads 'Hell hath no fury at all'. There are also some exclusive photos of the band as well as the lyric booklet which has handwritten notes from Ryan Clark where he explains the 'how' and 'when' of the songs.
Last but not least, a documentary is included which showcases the band and a bit of their recording process.

In conclusion, Storm The Gates of Hell is a great album that any Demon Hunter fan should have, especially if the deluxe edition is an option.

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