DEUS INVICTUS - STAGED IN AWAITING (2010, Bombworks) Prog Death Metal

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Amazing, Christian progressive/melodic death metal!

I really don't understand why there are no other reviews for this album, so I decided to do it justice. Deus invictus have a style unlike alot of stuff I've heard. Know that I'm not comparing this to any other band, but to rather give an idea to anyone who would like to purchase this album. Some parts of a couple of songs remind me a little of Opeth. And those parts are great. The guitar and drum complexity are alot like Cynic or Aletheian's fastness of playing as well as the melodies. Definitely hear some Extol as well. These are things that I've deciphered, and is just to give an idea. The truth is that they totally have their own sound,. And seem to be alot faster and steadier than any of those bands. This album is just amazingly written and the constant riff changes and speed changes almost seem inhuman. I play the guitar, and to listen to a band play of this caliber is humbling. This is a very talented band, and the production is nearly pristine. Why don't you have this album!!!

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1 Alas, The Anvil

Lyrics By ? Carter*

Music By ? Shacklette*


2 Ex Nihilo

Music By ? Shacklette*

Written-By [Story], Lyrics By ? Shacklette*


3 Rotation

Lyrics By ? Sexton*, Carter*

Music By ? Carter*


4 The Mist 1:09

5 Chords Of Orion

Lyrics By ? Carter*, Dietz*

Music By ? Shacklette*


6 Engulfed In Depravity

Lyrics By ? Hopper*, Sexton*

Music By ? Sexton*, Carter*


7 The Approaching Squall

Lyrics By ? Carter*, Dietz*

Music By ? Carter*


8 Lioness

Lyrics By ? Carter*

Music By ? Shacklette*


9 Rain Of God

Lyrics By ? Sexton*

Music By ? Shacklette*


10 The Open Sky

Lyrics By ? Sexton*, Carter*

Music By ? Carter*


11 Harps Of Reclamation

Lyrics By ? Carter*, Shacklette*

Music By ? Shacklette*


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