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Dogs of Peace is proud to present their first release in 20 years. "Heel" is a continuation of their first project "Speak". The group's members include: Gordon Kennedy, Jimmie Sloas, Blair Masters, John Hammond, and Jeff Balding. Together their collective accolades include multiple GRAMMY® nominations and wins. 

Many well-known guest artists appear on this record including: Peter Frampton, Michael Omartian, Ricky Skaggs, Joel Hanson, Rick Florian, and the McCrary Sisters.


"One Flight Away" opens the record on a very positive note. The mixture of the main riff, some open and airy moments, and some strings sets it as a wonderful opening piece with a classic rock vibe.", April 15, 2016

"Kennedy's timeless vocals along with stellar musicianship and matchless production keep the dog-and-pony-show at bay, proving their signature brand of rock 'n roll sits, and stays. If we're lucky, they'll throw us another bone before 2036." 
--Kevin Sparkman, CCM Magazine, April 28, 2016

"Plenty of today's music is worshipful (Chris Tomlin, Passion, Bethel, Jesus Culture, etc.), and plenty of Christian music is artful (Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Kevin Max, etc.) and all of these are very good. But I am on the hunt for excellent music that is artisticand transparently Christian. Dogs of Peace have achieved that, and should be given credit for what they have pulled off in Heel. I recommend it, and I recommend sticking with it as the layers unfold. It is a rewarding, inspiring, and God-honoring effort. Thank you Dogs of Peace." 
--The Smallwood Parsenage, June 6, 2016

Legendary musician Gordon Kennedy talks about how the theme of light wove itself through both this song and the new Dogs of Peace album 'Heel':
"As you are listening to the album, you are perceiving the same things we were in writing the lyrics for the songs. There is a theme of light running through the songs." 
--New Release Today

"HEEL is a must have for collectors of CCM music and good music on the whole The instrumentation, particularly Gordon Kennedy's guitar work, is something that will make you want to play this record over and over again. The artistry is second to none and it is easy to see why these guys are such highly sought after musicians to work with." --Dave's Music Review & More, Saturday, May 07, 2016

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