EDL - Moment Of Clarity (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • BGD 9065-2
  • 1999 Big Deal ‎

Rap-metal band EDL hails from Orange County, CA and released their debut album, Moment of Clarity, in 1999.

On their debut album, Moment of Clarity, EDL establish themselves on the party-hearty end of the rapcore spectrum, away from the political tirades of Rage Against the Machine and more towards Kid Rock or the over-the-top aggression of Limp Bizkit. The band is quite energetic, with a sense of humor likely to please rap-metal's core audience of white teenage males, as well as a funk-metal acumen by way of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. While (like most rapcore bands) their stabs at full-fledged funk can sometimes sound stilted or heavy handed, that's not where their true sensibilities lie -- their Chili Pepper-esque hyperactivity and jumpy backbeat are mostly employed in the service of uptempo, testosterone-loaded hard rock. Their riffs and melodies are sometimes underdeveloped, but there's enough potential on Moment of Clarity to indicate that with a bit more songwriting prowess, the band could move to the forefront of their subgenre.

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