Firewind - Forged By Fire (Savage Green Vinyl)

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Scorpions meets Stratovarius with Malmsteen-like shredding solos from greek guitar virtuoso Gus G.

After making his mark with bands like NIGHTRAGE and MYSTIC PROPHECY, he brings his fiery talent to FIREWIND's "Forged by Fire." This album, a powerful blend of melodic metal, classic metal, and hard rock, showcases Gus's masterful riffs and solos. Featuring new vocalist Chity Somapala and keyboardist Bob Katsionis, standout tracks include "Kill to Live," "Beware the Beast," and "Burn in Hell." With blazing solos and stellar songwriting, "Forged by Fire" is a must-have for metal fans and now you can hear it on vinyl for the first time ever.  

Fans of modern metal bands like Hammerfall, Dream Evil, and Kamelot will find plenty to love in this album. Additionally, those who appreciate classic metal icons such as Judas Priest and Riot will be drawn to its traditional influences and powerful riffs. 
  • First Time On Vinyl
  • Mastered for Vinyl
  • Includes 2-Sided Printed Insert
  • Vinyl housed in Black Poly-Lined Sleeve
  • Style: Power Metal from Greese
  • Features Virtuoso Guitarist Gus G
  • Series: Limited Run Vinyl
  • 319,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners
  • Originally released on CD in 2004
  • UPC: 765105159946
  • 2024 Back Breaker Records (BBR0008)
  • Release Date: 09/27/2024

Greek Guitar God Gus G. is a relentless force in the metal scene. After parting ways with DREAM EVIL to focus on his band FIREWIND, Gus continues to lend his extraordinary guitar skills to NIGHTRAGE and MYSTIC PROPHECY. His chunky riffs and ferocious leads set him apart, and at just 24 years old, he is already a legend in the making.

"Forged by Fire," the latest from FIREWIND, builds on the success of 2002's "Between Heaven and Hell" and 2003's "Burning Earth." With a new deal with Century Media, this album combines the best elements of the previous releases with even stronger songwriting. New vocalist Chity Somapala from Sri Lanka brings a deeper, powerful voice to the band, while Bob Katsionis adds atmospheric touches on the keyboard.

This album is packed with memorable, hook-laden tracks. "Kill to Live" and "Beware the Beast" are prime examples of the band's metal prowess, driven by Gus's scorching guitar work and Stian Kristoffersen's powerful drumming. "Burn in Hell" merges metal intensity with an infectious chorus, while "The Forgotten Memory" and "Hateworld Hero" pay homage to '80s melodic metal with big, sing-along choruses reminiscent of the SCORPIONS. The power ballad "Land of Eternity" and the instrumental showcase "Feast of the Savages," featuring Marty Friedman, highlight the album's versatility.

For fans of melodic and classic metal, "Forged by Fire" is a standout release. It's time for FIREWIND to get the recognition they deserve. Don't miss out on this blazing masterpiece.

  1. Kill to Live - 3:41
  2. Beware the Beast - 4:21
  3. Tyranny - 3:29
  4. The Forgotten Memory - 3:42
  5. Hateworld Hero - 5:38
  6. Escape from Tomorrow - 3:51
  7. Feast of the Savages - 4:21
  8. Burn in Hell - 4:38
  9. Perished in Flames - 4:52
  10. Land of Eternity - 5:53
  11. I Confide - 5:04


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