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  • Released: Oct. 2020
  • 18 songs from Rez Band Vocalist Glenn Kaiser

Swamp Gas Messiah delivers on all fronts and might be Glenn's most prolific work yet.  From Suicide, Political Greed, Drugs, Glenn tackles all of it and I mean all of it. He also does it with some of the best blues music around. You will not be disappointed.  Glenn has always been able to mold his amazing blues talent with societal issues. But this album just feels different. It's bold, it's fresh and it's inspiring. But if you think for one second that it misses the mark musically, well you just don't know Glenn very well.  He just might be the hardest working blues musician today.   From his gritty upbringing he has been ministering to the down an out since the early 70's.  His ministry JEPUSA is not set on some backroad like a David Koresh compound, but it smack in the middle of Uptown Chicago where some of the dirtiest and roughest people reside. It's what formed everything about his music and the people that they serve.  18 songs later it will have you telling everyone.  Just watch this video on the streets of Chicago. 

Swamp Gas Messiahs is the latest official release as of October 2020. Stylistically eclectic, it features Glenn on about a dozen instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars (fingerstyle and slide), bass, dobro, cigarbox guitar, diddley bow (homemade 1-string guitar), harmonica, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and even kazoo. Long-time pal and bandmate Ed Bialach provides percussion and also engineered, mixed, and co-produced the 18-song project. Glenn's most valuable instrument, his voice - both literal and figurative - is prominent in any GK venture, and this is certainly no exception. Of his motivation on this issue-heavy project, Glenn states, "I’m a child of the 60's when protest records from musicians such as Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Buffy Sainte Marie, Pete Seeger, and many more spoke to the injustices in our world. Then and now political 'gains' too often yield horror to 'the least of these' world-wide...." 



01 O Babylon!
02 I Hear Talk
03 Educated Guess
04 White/Right (History Lesson)
05 Working Poor
06 Fake
07 Mother Of Exiles
08 Money To Burn
09 Great Again
10 Self Defense
11 Loser's Game
12 Thug
13 Straw Man
14 Oil Today
15 Market Value
16 The Principal Principle
17 You Ain't
18 Mud And Spit

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Brett Loucks
Kaiser delivers with passion!

Another great one from Glen. Can always count on him to speak directly bout the issues at hand from love to war and everything in between! Have been a fan from the beginning. Rock on!

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