Huntingtons - Growing Up Is No Fun: The Standards '95-'05 (CD)



  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2005 Tooth & Nail Records
  • TND73367
  • Cutout

Having grown up in Baltimore, MD, Mikey (bass/vocals) and Cliffy (guitar) Huntington found out that they had something else in common aside from their identical last names: the Ramones and the Good Book. With those inspirations, the Huntingtons started out under a different moniker playing a brand of what they considered "bad garage rock" for the next three years to come. Upon recording two EPs in 1996 entitled Sweet Sixteen and Rock 'N' Roll Radio -- which weren't released until 1998 -- and their first full-length, Fun and Games in 1997, the Huntingtons moved on to more of a poppier sound with The Only One EP released that same year. After a US tour with Blaster the Rocketman and another 7" entitled "You're Not Right" b/w "Babysitter," the Huntingtons lineup was eventually settled in with C.J. (guitar) and Davey (drums) continuing on with the band's luck of finding members with the same last names. A deal with Tooth & Nail Records followed, resulting in the release of their first straight pop-punk full-length, High School Rock in 1998. Followed by the live The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and a Ramones cover album entitled File Under Ramones all released within the same year, 1999 saw two more Huntingtons albums, Get Lost and Plastic Surgery. A split release with Darlington followed in early 2000.

1 Pencil Neck
2 Rock N Roll Girl
3 Alison's The Bomb
4 Aloha,It's You
5 Too Late
6 Mom's In Rehab
7 I'm Not Going Downtown
8 I Wanna Be A Ramone
9 The Only One
10 We Don't Care
11 I Just Want To Feel Alive
12 She's Alright
13 Hooray For You
14 I Don't Wanna Sit Around With You
15 Dies Saugt
16 Enchantment Under The Sea
17 1985
18 JW
19 Tell Me Goodnight
20 All She Knows
21 Welcome Back
22 Bubblegum Girl
23 Let's Fight
24 I Don't Like It
25 Maybe It's You
26 It's Always Christmas At My House
27 Not By You
28 Jeannie Hates The Ramones
29 No Pool Party Tonite
30 Blue Moon Diner

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